First I googled how many days it’s been since my birth. Then I divided that number by how 27375, the average life span in days in the US. This in percentage is my total life used. This leaves 68.12% days left and I plan on using them fully.


I experience the sacred when I lose myself in a workout. Attempting to lift a heavy weight not only is a test of the limits of my body but of my mind. I am building my muscles by breaking them down, like the way a meditator scans their body to…

Whether in the stock market, or in sports, time always beats timing, at least in the long run. Timing is the highlight reel, the flash crashes, and the moments that hit the news. Time, is the hidden factor. The card that’s played by those who understand the power of slow, but steady compounding. In poker, and in sports, tournament champions are those who leave last, meaning they are the last to dip. That means that to succeed, they must be best at the marathon of the game, the opposite of a race. This reestablishes the idea that it’s about the long term over the short term. The long term is focused on the end, the whole picture, while the short term, is focused on the brush, instead of the painting.

Image by John Tuesday

Dear Stanley,

I am writing to you because you suck. Just because you’ve memorized something doesn’t mean you’re actually going to use it in real life. Learn to have patience. Realize that everyone has emotions and that they are all completely natural algorithms programmed into our genetic code. You are no better than anyone around you and you will never will be, so don’t even try. It was never all about you and it never will be. Always be in the present moment. Learn to focus. Trust yourself. Trust your intuitions. In the end, it’s all about how you treated other people. Also, learn how to take of yourself properly, too.

My Story

I’ve always hated math classes. Not because the material was too difficult to understand, but the fact that students were rarely ever on the same page. Due to the competitive nature of a GPA system, many students may feel left behind while their fellow classmates may even feel…

Stanley Chow

Student of Life

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